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Home » Entertainment » Mubarak Wakaso impregnated me, forced me to abort it - Slay Queen reveals
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8 months ago
Posted By Thomas Goodday | Under Entertainment

Ghanaian footballer Mubarak Wakaso is currently hot after Paris-based model, Marina Mason, accused him of infidelity.

According to the model, Wakaso who is already married went behind his wife to have an affair with her.

Per report sighted by YEN.com.gh on Nkonkonsa.com, the Central Africa Republic model who is currently based in France claimed that the Deportivo Alaves midfielder impregnated her, forced her to abort the baby and jilted her after aborting the pregnancy. The model added that, prior to her agreeing to abort the baby, Wakaso promised he would take care of her but it appeared he was just lying to her to get her to abort the baby.

The model narrating her ordeal with Wakaso said that he met the Ghanaian footballer on Instagram and they became friends afterwards. She further stated that Wakaso kept insisting that she visited him in Spain and she finally agreed to visit.

She also said that Wakaso made her believe that he was not married and that he was staying with his mum and friends and made her lodge in a hotel throughout her visit to Spain.

Few weeks after she got pregnant and told Wakaso about it but he insisted she aborted the baby.

She, however, agreed to abort the baby and according to her, since she aborted her pregnancy, Wakaso has cut ties with her as he does not answer her calls and texts she sends him According to Marina, Wakaso has deceived her and made her go through pain.

She said that she almost lost her life after aborting the baby and after, she was jilted by the footballer at the time she needed him most.

The model has, however, threatened to do everything in her possible best to pay him back.
She threatened to release Wakao’s "atopa" videos, photos and the private chats they had if he refuses to render a public apology to her.

Wakaso is married to Nabuza and their marriage has been blessed with two kids.

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