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Home » Movies » Avengers: Endgame Theory Suggests Peter Parker Never Got off to the Bus
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8 months ago
Posted By Thomas Goodday | Under Movies

Spiderman far from home
The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer dropped this week prompting a whole new crop of theories about the films place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. Now, a new theory suggests that the upcoming film takes place in a reset universe -- one in which Peter Parker never got off the bus in A vengers: Infinity War.

The theory takes much of its basis from comments by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige who said that Spider-Man: Far From Home starts minutes after Avengers: Endgame.

Considering that, at the end of Infinity War , Peter was not only very far from home on Titan, but he was turned to dust thanks to Thanos snap, this new information presents a few possibilities.

One is that the snap is simply undone, but another one is that reality itself is reset to a place where Thanos attack never even happens. It not the latter that is the crux of this theory.

As you can check out for yourself on Reddit, suggests that the fact that Peter is seen in the original Stark Spider-Man suit in the Far From Home trailer means that Thanos attack never happened. That means that Peter field trip to the Museum of Modern Art was never disrupted.

Peter never got off the bus because of a Q ship appearing in the sky and, thus, never got the Iron Spider suit. It seems like a simple enough explanation and it is not one that is entirely without merit.

Depending on how the heroes go about attempting to right Thanos wrong, if they got their hands on certain Infinity Stones -- say maybe the Reality Stone or the Time Stone -- it would not be that hard to simply change the way things worked out. Thanos never comes to Earth, Peter stays on the bus.

It is pretty plausible, but the theory takes it one step further. In Infinity War, Thanos tells Tony "I hope they remember you". At the time it seemed like Thanos was referring to those left behind after the snap -- Tony is stranded on Titan after all -- but the theory suggests that maybe it is Tony sacrifice that is what facilitates this reality reset. It is an idea that ties nicely into some other prevalent theories that Tony dies as part of Endgame .

If this theory is correct and Endgame resets the timeline, it would, in a sense, tidy up the timeline, lining things up with Spider-Man: Homecoming so that really the only film impacted by the shift would be Infinity War . This is something that the Far From Home trailer sort of suggests with Aunt May knowing Peter is Spider-Man.

It is an event that happens at the end of Homecoming , but May is seen working with that knowledge in the Far From Home trailer. This would put Far From Home before Infinity War -- since in a reset timeline, Infinity War never happens.

Of course, it is always possible that Far From Home simply takes place in an entirely separate universe, one created by Thanos devastating snap.

What do you think? Will Endgame reset reality and keep Peter on the bus? Let us know your take in the comments below.

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