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Home » Entertainment » “Davido`s Mother Committed Suicide” – Kemi Olunloyo Claims
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4 months ago
Posted By Thomas Goodday | Under Entertainment

Kemi Olunloyo has dropped another bombshell online and this time she claimed that Davido`s mum committed suicide.

Miss Kemi took to her IG to share a video where she revealed why she is feuding with Davido and how his mother took her own life.

She captioned the video; ”CHAPTER FOUR #HNNDavido© I am too emotional to write. I`m not a writer, I`m more of a speaker and would love to give you this as a FREE video documentary on YouTube. Certain things cannot be shown on camera and must be posted here.

Watch my emotions There was no @mitchellanuadeleke till November 9th 2018. I`m leaving these archives for Anu, Imade and Hailey. One day they will read them and understand why they didn`t grow up together. I have spiritual communication with Vero.

Yes I can speak to the dead. There are people who do that in America. People keep INBOXING me about that. I`m not ready for you yet. There`s a lot you can learn from me. Many of you don’t even know Tyler. I have his powers He speaks to the dead and can reach your loved ones. Same with me. I can also do prophecies.

Many of you don`t understand what I mean by don`t respect the Dead. The DEAD DON`T NEED YOUR RESPECT. Idi Amin, Hitler, Ojukwu, Murtala Muhammad, Abacha, Ghadaffi etc etc are all dead. Why will you respect them? They are talked about in history long after they`ve gone.

Vero will be talked about. @tylerhenrymedium is dynamic. I feel Good chose us both on either side of the Atlantic.

Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to where I will speak on camera to you on chapter 5-10. Vero committed #SUICIDE and I know why. I was the ONLY ONE SHE TOLD.

I did not take it seriously but after that church service on Deji’s 40th birthday party and she locked herself in the room when they found her dead, I knew she had “done it”.

NEVER EVER LISTEN when you hear someone say “I feel like killing myself”. I could have done something.

This is why when I was diagnosed of #PTSD in prison, I went on @tvcconnect on World Mental Health Day to appeal to those suffering depression to get help. Nobody has said it, Nobody has reported it because this is Nigeria.

A country where it`s shameful just to even say you have cancer let alone depression and suicide. I will tell you what led Vero to suicide on YouTube

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