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Home » Movies » Brie Larson`s `sacrifice` for her role in Captain Marvel
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8 months ago
Posted By Thomas Goodday | Under Movies

Samuel L. Jackson says Brie Larson "sacrificed" for her role in `Captain Marvel`.

The 29-year-old actress stars as the titular character in the upcoming Marvel movie and her co-star Samuel - who reprises his role as Nick Fury - says her workouts to prepare for the movie were "insane".

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about workout videos of herself that Brie showed him, Samuel, 70, said: "I was, like, `She`s insane! What are you doing? Are you pushing a car up a hill? What the hell? What`s going on?` She sacrificed."

He also revealed that the friendship between their characters is a huge factor in the movie.

He said: "We`re strangers when you meet us [in "Captain Marvel"]. But the creation of our relationship in that movie is very genuine and very honest so that by the end of it, you really think these two people care about each other."

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