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Home » Entertainment » Takeoff Shoots His Shot At Cardi B Following Twitter Hack
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8 months ago
Posted By Thomas Goodday | Under Entertainment

Migos rapper Takeoff appeared to make a very public move on Cardi B following her recent marital issues with Offset.

Migos rapper Offset and Cardi B have gone through so highly publicised marital issues towards the end of 2018 , however everyone was shocked when his fellow rapper Takeoff appeared to make a pass at Cardi on Twitter.

Offset Alleged Cheating Partner Slams “Nagging” Cardi B After Text Message Leak As 2019 struck, so did a hacker who took over Takeoff account and sent a flurry of messages to stars including Drake and Cardi B, whilst also claiming to leak Offset phone number.

The very graphic message which Takeoff appeared to send to Cardi B read, Come f**k a real n***a @iamcardib, whilst the post aimed at Drake read, "yo @drake let me suck yo d**k".

During the hack, Takeoff Twitter name was changed to Andy Gomes and fans were quick to spot the hack commenting them boy done hack takeoff lol" and Wow they had to hack Takeoff on New Years.

At the time of writing, Takeoff account still has not been secured and the tweets remain on his timeline, so the matter is clearly unresolved.

Neither Cardi, B Drake, nor Offset have responded to the hackers tweets and it remains to be seen as to when the Migos rapper will regain control of his account.

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